• Light show in 2018 CES AISA

    The focus of this  lighting show in ces is light emitting diode (LED) products. LED lamps are energy-saving and durable, and they have a wide selection of designs and colors. They are welcomed by

    2018/06/28 55

  • A Green Chrismas

    Some people are resisting the switch from old-style, torpedo-shaped Christmas lights to energy-efficient bulbs for their holiday decorations.The old two-inch, 9-watt incandescent bulbs may be the gas

    2018/06/28 31

  • Plessey makes monolithic 12V multi-junction LED

    Bold claims. Can the company justify them?Yes, according to Plessey product line manager Clive Beech and applications engineering manager Leon Baruah, who took time out to tell Electronics Weekly how.

    2018/06/28 13

  • 0603 green LED shines up to 2.8cd

    The devices are 1.6 x 0.8mm and 0.55mm high and called VLMTG1400.Various 525nm outputs are available across 1.2-2.8cd at 20mA, dropping 2.75-3.2V. Viewing angle is 146°.Available in 8mm tape, the

    2018/06/28 14

  • Philips and Renault demo smart car-home interaction

    The Renault Symbioz autonomous electric car is pitched as an extension of the home.The vehicle’s on-board technology connects the passengers to other cars, people and technologies in the smart home su

    2018/06/28 13

  • Plessey lights make more tomatoes

    The seven-month trial, managed by Plessey head agronomist Maarten Klein (right), ran from November 2016 at Gebr Koot in the Netherlands.Brioso variety tomatoes were illuminated by either 150μmoles/s/m

    2018/06/28 13

  • Plessey returns to the limelight with unique silicon process

    Plymouth-based Plessey is the UK’s only LED maker, and the only LED maker in the world commercially making LEDs on silicon substrates.The driving force behind this seemingly quintessential British sem

    2018/06/28 15

  • Outdoor LED lighting in high-temperature environment

    The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released the final report in its Gateway installation of outdoor LED lighting along a section of the US/Mexico border fence near Yuma, AZ. Neither the DOE researc

    2018/06/28 18

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